Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rat Race

I was trying to think about what to post and the main thing that came to mind this rainy Wednesday night as I sit feeling like I'm on the edge of coming down with a cold is a kind of glum-ness that life gets so manic. Sad but true. It's my regular refrain when work gets super busy and starts to crowd into all the other things that make for a good quality of life like cleaning the house, seeing friends, working out and cooking good healthy food. Stu and I are both at that place tonight, feeling slightly beleagured in the middle of a busy week and I don't like it one bit. Anyway, I started crying my regular river about this and Stu told me not to be boring. Good point.

Joking aside, my feelings of being worn out bring up the interesting question of what exactly are we living for when we end up feeling stuck on the hamster wheel most of the time? Often when I try to think about how to remedy the situation I end up resolving to find more energy and time and, come hell or high water, make dang sure that all the good things happen even when work is really busy and demanding. Tonight I feel a bit less resolute though - perhaps the only answer is for Stu and I to have our own business where you might (hopefully) get really busy but at least you’re in charge of yourself. I like the sound of that. But since I have no such plans at the moment for now I shall bravely soldier on (and do my best to stop my grousing and get some more interesting subject matter to post about!)

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dunny said...

sounds like it might be time for some tea and tablet! ;-)