Friday, February 16, 2007

Preach it

Here's a brillant party political broadcast by the social activist Reverend Billy for the Northern Ireland Green Party.

It's been street preachers all over the place for me today - As I was wandering through Belfast during my lunch break I heard some woeful hymn singing being broadcast on a megaphone. Only when I ventured closer to the city hall (the venue of choice for the street preaching types) did I see that the singer and preacher was none other than Ian Paisley, in the flesh. He must be making a concerted effort to prove he's as God fearing as ever, even despite all that talk power sharing.

On a less cynical note, Stu and I are getting active in local politics by organising an election forum for East Belfast at our church. All you NI readers spread the word - It'll be on the evening of March 1st at Willowfield Parish Church of Ireland - Stuart's been on the phone to candidates all day and so far we have had a great response.

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