Thursday, February 8, 2007

Political Animals

Announcing a project of Stu's related to his work but that might just be interesting to any of you who want to dig a little deeper into the scary world of Northern Irish politics. Visit this newly launched election blog to read a daily post from various people interested in faith and politics here in NI. It will be interesting to see what kinds of debates come up on the comments. Never mind green and orange (read Catholic and Protestant) I'm more concerned about things like recycling and affordable housing (this just in - Belfast housing prices went up the most in all of Europe this year! Eeek - just ask me how un-fun it is as a renter to have someone tell you that their less than amazing house has gone up, like half a billion £s this year. Cringe.) Anyway, due to years of unrest only scant attention has been paid by the electorate in NI to things like taxes, healthcare and education policies so hopefully this election will mark a change (not to mention actually happen) and 'real politics' can start rolling along . . . Here's hoping but if you read the comments on blogs like Slugger you can't help but find the situation slightly depressing.

On an frivolous/indulgent/unrelated note, we started watching season four of 24 on dvd tonight. It's a sure fire way to self-induce high blood pressure and difficulty getting to sleep at night (sooo stressful) but I love it. I just cannot understand why the head of CTU is always such a numptee. When will they learn that Jack is always right and will always save the world?? Oooh, and what a voice.


Anonymous said...

check your email or call me at work.

katevp said...

weird, i was going to say the same thing (about checking your email)

Just in case i got slotted into your junk email!


Julie said...

Cam and Kate
You two know the best way to get in touch with this mad blogger - I would never junk mail you KVPA! I finally responded to you this morning - hope the shifts aren't too killa!
Hugs to both of you . . .