Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hikey Hikersons

I had a lovely Sunday hiking on Black mountain which is up above West Belfast. The hike was organised as part of the Feile an Phobail 2006 West Belfast Spring Festival and I went along with a group of friends from work. It was great to be out in the sunshine and get lots of fresh air and good exercise. I had decided last night not to go because the weather was minging (read wet/cold/generally very bad) yesterday but thing brightened up considerably this morning so I put on my layers, packed my lunch and away we went. It was especially nice today to be with friends for the day as Stu was away for work speaking at a church a couple of hours away. After slogging (in an enjoyable way) through lots of very wet and boggy grass and heather, we were treated to some lovely blue sky views of Belfast. I will add this walk to places I will take any visitors that come to stay with us (Kate and Thom, you've been warned! Dad, we'll go when you get back from your sunny hols!) After the hike I was happy to get home to a hot shower and some dry socks and after chilling out a bit set to making a nice pot of Moosewood's minestrone soup. Happily Stu made it back home from his adventures in time for us to go to our church tonight and then out for coffee with friends after the service. I have to say, it's been a nice weekend all and all.

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