Wednesday, February 28, 2007


This photo is from my friend Dunny's webpage - she's a fab photographer. Tonight I will share with you some random good things in my life as of late:

1) Today I finished an ongoing project at work that started in September! It feels good to see something through to the bitter/sweet end.

2) I've finally ordered yarn for the thermal sweater! It's coming to me via Dunny dearest in the OC (thanks Dun! Miss you!) I've picked burgundy and am going to join a knit-a-long to see if that will spur me on. The sweater's on ridiculously skinny needles so I probably have it ready for the winter after next! I'll keep you posted.

3) I just downloaded a few good tracks tonight on Itunes. I like Mika's Grace Kelly as well as Gwen Stephani's new single The Sweet Escape (she's a bit of a blast from the past - cannot help but think of Spiderwebs playing loudly in the BRCI gym during BRIT in 1997, but maybe that's just me.)

4) Even though it was pounding rain here tonight generally speaking it's starting to feel like spring here in Belfast. Mini daffodils have started sprouting and the air is a bit warmer. Me like-y.


katevp said...

ah spring. We were just finally starting to feel a bit springy here too. Now we have a huge snowfall warning in effect.

At least snow means it can't be -30.

miss all you b's right now.

love kate

The Loeppkys said...

It has been quite cold and snowy the past few days here but I hear there is a chinook coming... the one nice thing about winter in Calgary is the many breaks in the cold. I bought some tulips a couple days ago hoping that would bring spring. Still waiting though. Happy Thursday to you!

Nancy Jean said...

1) i love you
2) you have been slacking in the daily postings
3) you don't do the individual reply to your blog commenters
4) mom and dad haven't emailed me back yet either
5) hope you are all having a wonderful time
and 6) i am well :)
love nin

Anonymous said...

mom and dad who?
Julie who?

Andi and Demi said...

Yo, good luck with the sweater. I really need a project and someone at work is having a baby. Any good baby designs you can think of? ACM

dunny said...

JBN, good news, the yarn has arrived in the OC!

Now we are just waiting on Stu's stationery treat to arrive and all will be on the way...

It's definitely not spring here yet...a cold 55 degrees (what is that, about 12 or 13?) this morning...time to bring out those winter accessories before the day heats up! ;-)

Julie said...

hi kate!
nice to hear from you! what's the word on you and thom's trip over this way? :)
miss you!

Julie said...

how are you? hope that things are good in calgary? i got some tulips today from my friends! they are my fav.
have a good weekend :)

Julie said...

points taken. i love you too! i promise to post more and to respond to comments too - i have gotten lazy, you are right. have had a very wonderful weekend with AL and DD. mom and dad miss you and want to talk to you soon - they are in a bit of a bind bc they don't have a phone yet apart from a cell. mom said that she did email you back but she is worried that maybe it didn't send . . . hope that you are having a good weekend!! talk soon!
love you - jul xox

Julie said...

you are cruel. oskie wouldn't forget me like that.
hope you are having a good weekend! how's the campaign trail??
love you - hugs to r and o
julie xox

Julie said...

andi pandi :)
i will try to think of something baby-ish - have a look on in the patterns archive.
hope you're well - have you had any good spring skiing? how's the aubergine volvo working out?
hi to demi as well! congrats to your bro on the wedding too!
miss you lots!

Julie said...

ms d
we miss you lots. thanks so much for being our personal shopper - we need to figure out a good way to get some money/goods to you in return!! how's tricks? what are you up to? i would love a good catchup on the phone soon.
hugs to you and also to jd :)
j xo

Julie said...
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