Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dancing Nancies

We are just home after an amazing night at the Waterfront Hall listening to Dave Matthews live in concert. The show was so good - nearly three hours of Dave Matthews and his acoustic guitar with another amazing guitarist, Tim Reynolds. It was a great evening - they played lots of old favourites which brought me back to high school days when we used to listen to the DMB non-stop. I saw them once before (nearly ten years ago as Stuart reminded me tonight!) in Calgary with Andi and Santosh. Remember that road trip you guys?! Good times. Tonight Dave (as I like to call him - no, not really) talked to the crowd lots in between songs and told random and funny stories - he was very likeable and I always enjoy concerts where you get a feel for a bit of the artist's personality.

All this to say Ms Ninny, thank you so much for the tickets!! We felt very spoiled and wished that you could have joined us!! (Sadly he didn't play 'treadin' troddin' trails' though which always makes me think of Andi and I killing ourselves laughing at you when you were plagued with a stomach bug after one of your South American adventures! Yes, we were mean and yes, it was funny.) Miss you Nin! xo


Andi and Demi said...

Sounds like a rad concert! Yes, of course I remember the first time we saw him (although my only time!)Andi

Nancy Jean said...

S and J - thanks for the phone message! I am so glad the concert was good -whoa, 3 hours! I have yet to see DMB, but will one day soon. Miss you lots, and forsurely wish i could have tagged along. Again, glad you enjoyed (almost as good as going myself!) :)
just home from the army, walking cleo, then off to bed.
Speak soon,
Love nin

Nancy Jean said...

p.s. listened to DM on the Nano as i walked with my pooch, to feel as one with you, and dave...