Thursday, February 15, 2007

Brainy Smurf

My brain feels officially fried tonight. I spent the day writing selection tests for the Northern Ireland civil service. I write these race-against-the-clock-logic-and-math-tests every year with the hope that someday I might just get good enough at them to beat out the many people that apply. Why you ask? (Good question she says.) Well, to cut a long story short, my current job is a fixed term contract so every now and then I feel compelled to do a bit of job hunting to better my lot in life . . . and today that meant using up some of my hard earned flexi-time to sit in an exam room all day. Vunderbar. I eventually emerged after several painstaking hours of filling in little circles, my face smudged with pencil lead and clothes covered in eraser bits. Needless to say I was feeling a bit haggard. Thankfully things started looking brighter after I spent some time de-stressing by making some yummy bolognese sauce for dinner and an apple crumble to take to my home group. When in doubt, cook.

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