Wednesday, January 10, 2007

White out

Just a short post for you all tonight as my day was filled mostly with work since life at the office is quite busy right now. I'm in hyper productive mode, trying to meet some deadlines in order to take time off when the parents arrive (more holidays!) Yes, self imposed stress, but stress all the same.

Anyway, my sympathies to you, dear friends and family, as you cope with a mega blizzard in Saskatoon. All my sources (Ninny and cpb's comments and CBC Saskatchewan website) tells me it's seriously bad out there. If I were you I'd opt for hot chocolate and a good book or maybe some good old sit-com re-runs. There's really no other appropriate course of action.

If you are holed up at home, I recommend going onto Itunes and downloading 'Nowhere With You' by Joel Plaskett Emergency. I heard it this morning on one of my recently acquired CBC podcasts (yes, I'm still going on about these!) and the song is excellent. Also for your info, the free download this week on Itunes (at least on the UK version) is a Josh Ritter track and you all know how much I love him . . .

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Andi and Demi said...

Yo,JKBN! Thanks for all the blog mentions, I feel like a star! Your blog is so good I think I'll make it my homepage! love andi