Friday, January 19, 2007

Vote Cam!

Big and exciting news!! My brother Cam Broten has announced that he's running for the NDP nomination for Saskatoon Massey Place constituency. To find out more, visit his new website (it's a bit more polished than this lil' ol' blog) and if you're in Saskatoon and any way NDP inclined (which is a good move in my opinion!) get out there and knock some doors on his behalf! Congrats to you Cam and all the very best - I so wish that Stu and I could be home to help with the campaign! Watch this space for more news in the coming weeks . . .

1 comment:

Nancy Jean said...

touched by cammy...err...tommy. jules, tell us all who your 'hero report' was on in grade 4! :)
cpb, we all are routing for you and will help out with the campaign in any way...which, may just include doggie runs with good ol' osci (and cleo! :) as you rally for support in Massey Place.