Friday, January 26, 2007

'Too bad that all the people who really know how to run the country are busy driving taxi cabs and cutting hair.' - George Burns

In our church home group we are going through the study guide Living God's Politics that accompanies Jim Wallace's book God's Politics. We just started last night and so far it made for some very interesting discussion. The first week's study focuses on the relationship between faith and politics and asserts that God is concerned with how we organise ourselves in society. We will go on to look at topics including war and peace, poverty, racism and a consistent ethic of life. Wallace offers some interesting analysis of the American political spectrum, but it was also interesting to discuss with friends in home group about how to be active in Northern Ireland where political life is so . . . er . . . unique.

We really like these Thursday evenings - our home group is full of fun, funny and interesting people all around our age who have quickly become good friends since we starting going along in September. Last year when we were newer in Belfast our main friends were from work and Stu's family which was good but it's been really nice to get out there a bit more.

I've had a great week off with my mom and dad. It's been pretty low key as far as sightseeing but I think all three of us have enjoyed it - highlights have included exploring Belfast on foot, packing picnic lunches and sneakily eating them in cafes, drinking lots of coffee, taking pics of green fields and big fish and spending time hunting for some warm weather clothes for my Mom (no small feat in January!) in preparation for their upcoming trip to Spain, Portugal and Tenerife (nice for some!) Stu has been all systems go with work lately and his week included some time away in London so I certainly enjoyed the company of the parentals. It's back to work for me on Monday so alas the end is nigh for these lovely lazy mornings watching property shows (Mom's request - I'm happy to comply) while lingering over coffee! But enough about work - reality will bite soon enough but it's still only Friday tonight.

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