Monday, January 1, 2007

Three cheers for rain gear!

Today we celebrated the first day of 2007 by taking our house guests up to the north coast of Ireland. The scenery, as always, was really beautiful and green. And even though the skies were dark and the wind and rain were cold, it was refreshing to get out of the city and let the winds off the Atlantic blow the cobwebs away (as Stu would say.)

I really love going to the north coast. If any of you lovely friends ever see fit to come and visit us, I can pretty much guarantee you a daytrip up there, including one of my (self-proclaimed) world famous picnic lunches, Stu's telling of the legend of the Giants Causeway (ooooh!), an invigorating walk on the Whiterocks Beach (didn't do that today because it was pretty cold out) and if you're good, an ice cream cone. You might even like it so much you'd like to stop and stay a while, in which case we heartily recommend the Whitepark Bay Youth Hostel - it's lovely. (What the day won't include is a walk across the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge, at least not with me accompanying you! Ninny and Dunny, you know why. Let's just say that there were tears.) Don't all book your flights at once now!

It was a lovely day out and, as the host, the chilly weather and scattered showers didn't worry me one bit because Andi and Demitri are officially the most hardcore people we know (by a very long shot!)


katevp said...

Dear Julie B.N.

Thomas and I are most likely going to be going to Wales sometime in the spring. And since this is the closest we will be to you probably for awhile, we have talked about perhaps coming to visit. No solid plans as of yet. But that picnic sounds very enticing.


katevp said...

ps. we're definately not as hardcore as andi and dmitri, but we too would brave rain to see the countryside.

Nancy Jean said...

jkb - hellos to those lovable mcwicz. looks like a ton of fun, and i wish i was there for a visit too! (i should put that bridge crossing vid on youtube, hey dunny? :))
happy new year to you! i just got off a 30 hour bus drive. yes, it was as brutal as that sounds.
alas, urbana was good, and now a couple days and ma and pa are off...
lets parle soon.
love ninny
p.s. where do i fall on your hardcore list? ;)

Julie said...

Come and visit!! That would be lovely. Did you have a good Christmas in C-ford? Are you back to school? Hope you have had a good holiday!
Happy New Year!

Julie said...

Velkommen home!! You are very very hardcore - don't doubt it for a secondo.
Glad you made it safe and sound and had a good trip.
I miss you lots - wish you were coming with B and A.
Did you get rid of your shifts? You work too much!
Hugs to you - julie xox