Monday, January 22, 2007

A Taste of Summer . . .

Here's little bit of Saskatchewan summer for anyone who's battling snow, rain, wind and cold temps this January (Erin, we don't mean you ;) One week in Jersey does not necessarily count as a gruelling winter experience!) The pic is of the one and only Nancy at Otter Rapids a couple of summers ago. While we're on the subject, I miss canoing and I miss Pioneer Saskatchewan Camp. (Santosh and Matt, if you're reading, I enjoyed remembering your various exploits with Winston and Greg Balboa that summer at PSC!)

Circuitously speaking of holidays, I'm on them (again! I know, I know, it's a rough life . . . ) I've the week off to spend time bumming around Belfast with Chris and Anne. I'll try to remember to bring the digi around with me and post some pics from our adventures!


Nancy Jean said...

Jules - that pic was taken just this past July with the Leader-in-training group, and it was at Little Stanley. We were playing one afternoon, and a couple LIT boys shot solo. There were a few 'charming' young fishermen (who had planted themselves on the island's campsite for the week) watching us play. As I was lining back up the rapids to head down again with Kaylee Eden, one promptly asked me "Aren't you going to show those boys how it is done?"...Well, my camp name is SOLO for a reason I thought to myself, and proceeded to awe the annoying fisherman with such grace. (not quite! - i should have you post the pic of me completely capsizing on the other side at Big Stanley, as the skillful Graham Walker and Alex Weckworth maneuvered through with ease!) It made a pretty good picture though, didn't it?

I'm going to have to get Cleo a matching Red LJ, hey? :)

Enjoy your days off - have fun in Dublin. (As you could assume) wish I was there!

Love nin

dunny said...

nin, i am so impressed to see your prowess with the solo! Who knew that in addition to monkey taming you are also a wild woman on the open river?! Can't wait to see it in person someday.

dunny said...

and, jbn, in addition to my week of winter in new jersey i'll have you know that it was down to a chilly 55 degrees (that's 12 in the rest of the world) in lovely southern california and if that does not scream 'get out the winter accessories' i don't know what does! ;-)

Nancy Jean said...

dunny. you must come to SK and get a taste of winter. as stuart said after his first Christmas here, 'life still goes on?' you may be left amazed by our might. (not today though, it is +3 and we are loving it!)

monkeys, white water...ya, i do it all. i have a vid of me eating a fish eye during a science dissection in one of my ED classes even. maybe i need to put that on youtube. why i would do that, is the real question.

come for a canoe trip this summer. no joke.

hope you are well, eduns.