Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sunshine Alert!

At very long last I've finally seen Little Miss Sunshine and LOVED IT!! I had really meant to see it in the cinema but somehow regretfully missed it. While I've been waiting for it to come out on dvd 'in my country' it's been heartily recommended to me by lots of friends (Santosh, Ruthie and Beth) who know their movies and I have to say it didn't disappoint. What a funny and lovely movie! Great acting, great story and great characters - it's visually pleasing and has a really good soundtrack which features the very cool Sufjan Stevens (who of course is a friend of our very own woman about town Sara C! How are you by the way Ms Domestic Goddess?! Haven't had the pleasure of your comments recently - come back!!) I don't really get too into the Oscars but I hope this film gets lots of nominations when they're announced on Tuesday.

Speaking of things that make me smile, can I put in another shout out for Ugly Betty?! We're only three episodes in here in the UK and I'm here to proclaim that it's my Friday night highlight - it's great to have something creative, clever and funny on tv - all the more so these days when the rest of the airwaves are sickeningly and boringly consumed by the lowest of the low Celebrity Big Brother (according to PR master Max Clifford ding dong Jade's career's dead! Picture me doing a happy dance.)

Since Ugly Betty seems to have so many cross-overs with The Devil Wears Prada (I don't fault it for this because I liked that movie too) I was interested to learn from Wikipedia that the series is based on a long running popular Colombian soap called Jo soy Betty, la fea (I am Betty, the Ugly) and is produced by Salma Hayek who appears in the American version.

Well, those are my entertainment thoughts for you tonight. Hope all of you out there are having a good weekend and do make sure it includes some little 'good to yourself' indulgences be it a movie, a funny tv show, a walk in the snow, some flowers (hooray - tulips are in season again!!) or some good-ish wine! After all, who couldn't use a little sunshine in January? :)


Anonymous said...


thanks for the LMS report...have been wanting to see it, and Tina has it on her dvr, so now with your encouragement there is no excuse! As for Ugly Betty, haven't made the effort yet, but will have to give it a shot now that it has the APYOC endorsement. Can you recommend any easy but fun knitting projects to accompany both? -dunners

Julie said...

How's tricks in the garden state? Has your sunny self acclimatised to the lower temps? Have you spotted any celebs in NYC for me? I will do the six degree post soon!
Hmm - give me a bit and I will think of a knitting project for you. Flat cap maybe - it's a bit tricky because it has cables. Or a felted booja bag?? That's fun and a good finished product . . . hmmmm.
Yes - Betty is cool - I am still waiting for season two of Grey's to start - missing the drama!! Do you think that I watch too much tv? :)
I thought of you today because I made fudge which turned out to be very yummy and sweet and vanilla-y and very like tablet!! Memories of you, me, tea and tablet! I was debating about how it would travel in the mail all the way to the OC - it might just be a big crumbly envelope of sugar by the end! Come and visit and I will give you some in person :) By the way, in answer to your email, busing around South America sounds cool except my well travelled siblings tell me the buses can be a bit scary!
Miss you and let's talk soon -
Hugs to you!!
julie xox

Sara said...

Hello, Brotenville! Don't worry, I am still here and still reading avidly...sad to say though, I did not love Little Miss Sunshine - maybe it was just me, but I found it sort of depressing and tasteless (although I did agree with all the reviewers who loved the running gag of the push-start minivan, and my friends and I all did grin at each other in the cinema when Sufjan's song came on!) Anyway, hope you are all well and your parents are not too culture-shocked...can we have a post about that?!

katevp said...

thom and I did see little miss in the theatre, we also loved it. so funny. we like the humour where you are not really sure if you should be laughing.

dunny said...


per your suggestion Tina and I watched Little Miss Sunshine last night...I thought it was a crack up, and a great "we can still be family in this disjointed, post-modern, messed up world" kind of commentary. We had seen Freedom Writers in the theatre earlier in the day. have you seen it? I really wanted to like it, even cried during it, but felt like it was just a bit too forced, too formulaic, and I am just too tired of 'white do-gooder goes to help students of color overcome their dire circumstances.' I realize it is a true story, and think that is fantastic that she did that, just not sure the movie really made it work for me. But maybe I am just bitter because the main character was a naive and slightly annoying Erin from Newport Beach...

As for knitting, I am trying to work on finishing a scarf request, but then think that perhaps something felted would be good...are booja bags easy? Easy is the key here.

Please send me some psuedo tablet!! Such fond memories of B Jannetta's and the tea and tablet! I will have to see if i can find myself in Belfast anytime soon. Be careful, two of the G6 are going to be touring Ireland in May...may make a visit!

Time for bed in the garden state...

Sara said...

Ah, B Janetta!! I used to live in the flat above it, you's the carrot cake that I miss, personally.