Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Resolutions, Schmezolutions!

Well folks, the party's over. Stu and I went back to work today. Time to put an end to all things good like napping, leisurely afternoons at the Coffeeyard and wearing pj's in the middle of the day. Someone please remind me of all the good times when I start whining about being tired like, tomorrow.

The day was doubly sad because we also had to bid a fond farewell to Andi and Demi who are now enjoying a couple of days in Dublin - it was lovely to see them and for the four of us to spend time together. It was a chilled visit - we all enjoyed reading club, Guinness and Stu's witty Irish anecdotes. While I'm on the topic of the McWicz twins (and I do mean twins because they are very alike - I mean they both love marzipan!) can I just say that Andrea makes me laugh so much and it's wonderful to spend time together because we've been really close since that fateful day in January of '93 when Andi spied me reading 'Runaway Jury' in the camp van on the way up to Women's Weekend, knew I was likely a bit of a nerdo but wanted to be my friend all the same. Aww, the start of a beautiful friendship . . .

We've been talking a lot lately about New Year's resolutions. 'Tis the season and all that I suppose. I've never been much of a resolver, but last year was memorable for me because for the first time I made some significant resolutions and actually accomplished them. Imagine-toi! Last New Year's Day I announced at my sister and brother-in-law's dinner table that in 2006 I was going to run a marathon and knit a sweater to which my bro-in-law Paul exclaimed, 'People never keep their resolutions!' I thank you dear Paul for your challenge which I held close to my heart. Your words motivated me every step of the two (count them - two!) marathons I ran and every stitch of the one (yes, just one) sweater that I knit. So there.

I took a pole of my fellow Shaw Street dwellers and have for you a sample of our resolutions.

Believing that 'all happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast,' Andi resolved to have a leisurely breakfast before work. Also, Andi is probably going to do a marathon (not too big a feat for her since she's already done a half-ironman triathalon and for this is the hero of the world.) And she's going to quit smoking. (Just kidding.)

Demitri doesn't really do resolutions. He thinks that it is strange to pontificate about things to such an extent. Maybe it's a girl thing. When pressed, the Polish Hotdog resolved to eat more chocolate and ice cream.

Stu has resolved to not watch any tv for all of January (movies are still allowed.) I will try to foil his plan. Also, he's hoping to blog once a day. Check him out! Last but not least, inspired by Andi the Great, both he and I are hoping to try a tri.

As for me, I'm going to make doing weights at the gym a regular part of my life and I'm going to endeavour to produce something crocheted. And I expect you to hold me to it. Not really.

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