Monday, January 29, 2007

Quick Flick Pick

'Why are we doing what we are doing? What is it doing to others?
And what is it doing to us?' - Filmmaker Eugene Jarecki

My friend Dunny emailed me over the weekend recommending the 2005 documentary Why We Fight. I haven't seen it yet as I can't seem to get it on dvd over here (at least not for UK region dvd players - that whole dvd region thing is so annoying!) but thought I would do a quick post about it to spread the word - the trailer looks very interesting and thought provoking.

No other big news from Belfast early this Monday morning. It's back to work after a week of holidays . . . sigh . . . Time to make the donuts . . . ;)


Nancy Jean said...

donuts? translation please, my irish sister. is that a honey cruller or a chocolate dip?
that trailer looks good. i have the day off...well, sort of, i work at 4.
i watched Carol's Journey, or El Viaje de Carol. i recommend it for the DVD mail-in.
have a good monday :)
love nin

Julie said...

Ms Nin
You know! The Dunkin' Donuts commercial (back me up here Dunny!!)
While we're on the subject, make mine a honey dip - mmmmm.
Here I go waxing lyrical about Tim's again . . . so predictable!