Monday, January 29, 2007

Night Swimming

Lil ol' Always Paddle has been feeling a bit neglected tonight. I was busy working on creating another blog for my portfolio called La fille solitaire. Don't panic! I'm definitely not single but just doing an assignment for my French night class which was to write a blog entry looking for a partner on the net in the style of the Canadian Are you my wife? blog. Anyway, if anyone reading spots appalling grammatical mistakes en francais, bear with me - I'm taking the class to improve, particularly in my writing, and we are getting there slowly but surely! You may also be relieved to know that as soon as my teacher has a chance to grade the blog I think I'll be retiring the franco dating service before it really gets going!

But enough about random blogs in badly written French. Stu and I have started going to swim club at our gym on Monday nights and it's fantastic! The instructor is a pro (in his sixties and still a man of steel!!) and the workout gets your heart pumping big time. It's amazing how much harder you work when you're swimming with a group and also when you have the laps broken up into different strokes and speeds. Going along to this class takes us one step closer to trying a triathalon of sorts (one of my New Year's resolutions, if I recall) so we shall see! The class satisfyingly induces that good old 'swimming your guts out feeling' that brings back all kinds of fond memories of childhood swimming - from running feverishly up slippery stairs to ride the water slides at grandma and grandpa B's condo to killing oneself to complete the dreaded continuous swim during annual summer swimming lessons at Memorial Lake ('Get in the water kids - it's at least ten degrees out here!') What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger - you heard it here first.


Anonymous said...

Julie, a buff swim teacher and a new blog where you masquerade as a single woman from france! Should we be worried?

Nancy Jean said...

i so hope you get responses on that french blog.
i consider those times in cold memorial lake, the feeling of total dread (on our summer holidays!) and then anxious relief after finishing the laps to and from the logs and floating dock, as a type of right of passage. we are who we are thanks to those swimming that a good thing?
btw, where are you doing the triathalon en el futuro - ici, in the great north strong and free?

Julie said...

i miss you! i have such fond memories of chilling on the logs at the good old public beach - remember kate? :)
no big plans for what triathalon but just want to do one (maybe just a taster!) sometime this year!!
xox to you my dear
have a good day - hug cleo for us!