Friday, January 12, 2007

Little People

Not too much to post tonight except to say happy Friday!! I love Fridays - such a glorious feeling to have two free days stretching out in front of us . . . Sometimes my weekends are not very exciting and I don't mind that one bit.

Tonight we did a bit of shopping after work for some little gifts for our niece Holly's birthday (she's four) and our nephew Daniel's dedication (he's ten months.) Both the dedication and birthday party are this weekend so tomorrow and Sunday will be filled with fun of the little people's variety. Browsing in the kids section of Waterstone's I realised that neither Stu nor I really know much at all about what kids like. We settled on a board book about cars for baby Dan (apparently board books are the way forward for the baby-types which makes sense considering their general love of chewing on things) and a story book called 'How to Catch a Star' by a Northern Irish author called Oliver Jeffers for Miss Holly. The pictures are very cool which won us over.

I was trying to remember what I liked back in the day and I seem vividly recall enjoying Robert Munsch books during my early years but unfortunately the old classics like 'I Love You Forever' and 'The Paper Bag Princess' weren't any in stock. Sadly we don't get to spend enough time with our wonderful nieces (Rachel who's ten, Ella who's eight and Hols who's four) because they live on the south coast of England so it's always fun when they come for a visit. We do see little Dan quite a bit but he's a bit young to be in the habit of telling us about his favourite books! Anyway, should sign off and get to bed - tomorrow morning has been much anticipated as we're all heading to a big leisure centre where there are some pretty mean water slides.

On a side note, how are all you blizzard bound folks faring? I hope everyone's okay!! The pictures and stories on the news websites are absolutely crazy.


dinahliang said...

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Santosh said...

Hey dinahliang - welcome - its great to have agirl cam make friends.

Brotens - Are your parents in Florida? Abe and Leela are in Miami partying on the South Beach with Diddy and J Lo. They always get into the VIP sections of all the clubs.

It is still Saskatchewan cold here in Van.

I would recommend Margaret Wise Brown for the wee ones - Goodnight moon and Runaway Bunny.

katevp said...

i agree with santosh, as well as sandra boynton- pyjama time, the barnyard dance, and moo baa la la la.

so fun to read to kids.


Anonymous said...

I doubt it's Stoon cold, but all things said, you've probably had a worse winter than us.
The p's are in Orlando visiting relatives --- probably not too much clubbing. I do think they're in a gated community with golf carts as transportation, which is almost as much fun.

Joel M-E said...

I agree with Kate (who I don't know if I know)... but sandra boynton is the queen of board books.

Stomp your feet, clap your hands, everybody's ready for a barnyard dance.