Monday, January 15, 2007

It's a girl!!

Good news for the Broten family! I am soon to be the proud auntie of . . . wait for it . . . an Airdale Terrier!! Introducing Nancy's new dog, the three year old Cleo (full name - Shawndee Cleopatra Paper Doll - love that - Shawndee.) Not to brag, but she was once a show dog (hence the name) and Nancy has informed me that she even comes with a certificate that says labels her a champion. We are impressed. Wisely, Cleo's getting spayed this week and then she'll move into 14th Street where Oscar and her will (hopefully!) become the best of friends. Congratulations Ninny! :) (Stu and I are feeling decidedly left out of the dog-loving gang!)


Anonymous said...

Do they have dogs in your country?

katevp said...

that is by far the best dog name i have ever heard.

2nd best was a cat named windhaven's honky tonk legend (called aslan for short)


The Loeppkys said...

Julie I have to share with you (after seeing your comment on santosh's blog) that our dog's name is Jack Bauer Loeppky. I am so pleased that you and Stu also love 24. Nin's dog looks terribly cute.

Nancy Jean said...

That's a fine looking dog :)
More pics to come!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julianne,

I also have an Airedale, named "Jack". You can visit his blog at:

Hope all is well with you guys.