Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! We were so happy to have Andi and Demitri here to help us celebrate the arrival of 2007! They are staying with us for a few days after living in Barcelona since September. We had planned to go to an outdoor concert downtown but those hopes were dashed by gale force winds and driving rain (hmmm . . . Bad weather? In January? In Ireland? Who woulda thought it?!?) Anyway, plan b was a yummy Indian meal prepared by Stu, a bottle of cava and riveting games of Extreme Uno and Would You Rather? Good times all around. Hope you have a Happy New Year, where ever you are!

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katevp said...

ooooooooh!! how lovely jules!

Thomas and I did what seems to have become a tradition, hanging out at our friend Michelle's place and spending time at the good ol' Ottawa International Airport to pick up friends returning in the nick of time to celebrate new years. Last year it was Noah and Robyn back from California, and this year, Sara back from snowy Winnipeg.

Happy New Year Julie and Stuart!!!

love kate