Thursday, January 18, 2007


I have a confession to make. This year I've started sending forwards. I would have formerly been the type who exclaimed, 'Why do people send you crap like this!?' when my inbox was filled up with random emails full of pics of cuddly puppies or top ten Irish jokes (personal favourite has to be pictorial series of what cats do when your at work - think cat sitting at keyboard, cat watching tv etc . . . brilliant.) Now that I'm a full on office worker (read delighted by little diversions) I find myself saying 'Bring it on!' and sending them on. Sad but true. So (family this means you) if you're a recipient of my random emails (like this little gem that I passed on today of a grumpy cartoon character called Maxine - can you say random) please excuse me and try and resist blocking my address. The files made me do it.

In other news, poor Stu's stranded in London (again . . . ) He went at the crack of dawn this morning and was thwarted in his efforts to get his evening flight home. All the trains to Stanstead airport were cancelled due to the very nasty windy rainy weather that's hammering the UK. After standing for a very long time in a very long 'queue' for an already very full bus it became obvious that the flight would be missed. With my blessing he bailed on the quest to reach the airport, booked another flight for the morning and went to go stay at our friend Duncan's flat. I say that if you have to be stuck you might as well go out for a good meal with a good friend. Thankfully I have Mom and Dad to keep me company so I didn't mind too much!

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