Saturday, January 13, 2007

Family Ties

Enjoyed a lovely day with Stu's family over in Lisburn. Water sliding was followed by a birthday party for Holly which included games and a pink cake topped with a ballerina mouse made of sugar! What fun! Holly got My Little Pony for her birthday and she also really likes Polly Pocket. I found this amazing because I had these same toys some twenty years ago (that makes me feel old.) That's some staying power for pink and purple ponies! By the way, thanks for all the children's books recommendations - Who knew the topic of kid lit would evoke such interest!?

The whole day was lots of fun, including the awkward silence during the birthday dinner when niece Ella upon realising that Stu and I have been married nearly four years stated, 'Um, normally people have children by now.' Ella likes having baby cousins and wants more. Don't hold your breath little friend.

After all the busy birthday fun, Stu and I chilled out by going to the Strand Cinema (right by our house) to see Pursuit of Happiness (which only just opened here - we are generally way behind!) Both Stu and I really enjoyed it - a tear jerker in a good way.


Nancy Jean said...

kids say the darndest things...ackward.
i too have been suprised by the popularity of my little pony - Mira Capp has a bunch, too. they really are pretty. Remember the big pink castle we played with?
sounds like a fun day! i saw pursuit of happyness over Christmas...moral of the story: make lots of money and life will get better.
i did quite enjoy it; will smith is just so heartwarming in general.
miss you and lets chat Domingo!

katevp said...

that isn't just any old ballerina mouse! that's angelina ballerina!

oh yes, leave it to me to know that even before i saw the cake picture.

children's ballerina mouse.. oh must be angelina ballerina.

love kate