Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Edison Twins

I've discovered podcasts. Well, I've known of them for a long time, but only last night did I take the time to venture onto cbc.ca and upload some for my listening pleasure while walking to work. What joy!! This morning I was so happy to listen to 'Saskatchewan This Week' where old faithfuls like Shiela Coles and Ted Deller told me stories of the homeland. As I shut my eyes real tight when I bused by the paramilitary murals on the Albert Bridge Road and imagined that it was about twenty degrees colder, I was magically transported to Toon Town, flooded with memories of driving up Idylwyld on my way to Caswell School with my dad. I must say, Shiela Cole's been living it up on 540 for a long old time now. As in, for my whole life!!

This evening when I was walking into Belfast for my French night class (yet another of my New Year's resolutions is to do more French homework with a major priority on getting that dang old subjunctive tense nailed once and for all!) I listened to CBC Radio 3's podcast - brillant!! Somewhere in the cast in their quirky CBC way they mentioned 'The Edison Twins' and the snappy theme ran through my head all through conjugating etre and avoir etc this evening. Wikapedia tells me that 'The Edison Twins' was on the air from 1982-86 which means that I was only six at the very most but nonetheless I have vivid memories of loving their zany scientific adventures. All I can say is podcast or bust!!


nico said...

hey julie :)

as you can imagine, i LOVED the edison twins - thanks for getting that tune stuck in my head...

The Loeppkys said...

i love the blast from the past! kudos on doing your french class. i am very impressed with that!

Nancy Jean said...

jkb -

this post exemplifies why you are so sweet. i love your posts, and those edison twins. my memories are vague, but i remember the re-runs, memories watching at the cabin are coming back too. maybe i am making that up. kind of like i do with all my memories of penny...right cam? ;)

munroe is a no-go...not the right one, but i'm still on the search!

watched little mosque on the prairies tonight, thought your friend val might like to know. it was very corner-gasish...missed rick mercer report though, as i was pulled into some politics with cpb ...must explain. also spoke with ma and pa on the tele (Bruce is in another gated in community...but this time it is with Floridian senior citizens)

say gasish three times quickly.

there is a big blizzard rolling in to toon town tonight.

big is an understatement.

miss you two NI birds.

Santosh said...

I've been out of the "canoe" for awhile - scuke dinto the vortex of my petty life.

Caswell - that brings back memories. Did you know I was part of the VERY FIRST Actel class at Caswell? - Cool, huh?

Missed Little Mosque - any good?

Anyways - keep the faith Brotens.

Anonymous said...

Walked past Caswell school this morning. Very snowy indeed.

Anonymous said...

crazy blizzard in stoon. can't see the bess hotel from my office window. i don't remember a storm like this in quite some time. how's florida mom and dad?

Julie said...

Dearest Nico
I knew I'd real in the comments with the Edison Twins!!! :) Of course the young you (being a future bio chem girl) loved that show!
Happy new year to you and all that - did you and Rosie have a good Christmas? Rumor has it you were cooking! How'd it go? By the way, I check your blog sometimes and demand some activity! (I want to know random details about your life.) Auntie A's Christmas letter tells me Jeff's a mangager - congrats! :)
Miss you my dear little dentist -
j :) xox

Julie said...

Thanks for the Christmas card and letter :) Nice to get the update on your year and I liked all the pics! Thanks for sending it all the way over here!!

Julie said...

i miss you and want to have a good catch up on the phone! must hear all about your search for the most perfect blond poodle and your politicking with cpb!
little mosque looks really good - small town sask is a popular venue for the cbc sitcoms. the show was featured on the bbc's main website today and was the most emailed story of the day - i feel proud when canada gets attention!! :)
i hope that you made it home okay from the uni in that nasty blizzard!!
love and hugs to you ms ninny,
j xox

Julie said...

welcome back to always paddle. we missed you. always happy to be visited by a fellow caswell alumnus :)
happy new year to you, felicia and adam!
julianne :)

Julie said...

happy to see you back on the comments board! hope you're doing well and not to impossibly busy.
enjoy the big ol' storm, if possible . . . maybe they'll cancel work?? :)
miss you - lots of love,
j xox