Thursday, January 11, 2007

Booster Juice, Brotesy Style

Before I went home for our holidays last summer, a friend asked me what I missed the most about home. I was half-way through listing off the many things that I yearn for including family, friends, the cabin, camp, hot dry summers and freshly fallen snow (sorry to all you blizzard bound - I do actually miss it!) when she interrupted me. Turns out she was actually wondering about what foods I missed the most. Where would I be sure to visit for treats during my trip? I didn't have to think too hard before listing my top three, hands down - Tim's, Pita Pit and Booster Juice.

My brother thinks it's weird of me to miss Tim Horton's because he contends that their coffee's crap. I don't really go there for the java per say, but more because for me it's just an altogether happy experience. Unlike coffee shops over here in clover land that don't really open bright and early and charge in valuable pounds, Tim's is nearly always open and oh so cheap. I suppose that I have particularly fond memories of Tim's because I associate it with my UWO days where you couldn't walk five steps without passing a stand. Ah, the memories . . . Make mine a medium double double with milk and why not a honey dipped for the road!

Anyway, before I got sidetracked onto the gospel of Tim Horton's (I'm sure you were all on the edge of your seats for that one hey?), I meant to discuss my love of Booster Juice and then segue into a post of my new favourite smoothie recipe (hence the pic of the woman with fruit on her head - get it?) So, moving right along. I do love Booster Juice (except of course those massive styrofoam cups and their obnoxious colour scheme) and my missing of their smoothies is compounded by the fact that I have never had a good smoothie experience here in the UK. I'm not going to go into all the gory details (okay, maybe I am) but one time I got one with fermented fruit (eww) and another time they had the drinks all pre-blended and sitting in the fridge which meant there was no thick icy goodness. Sub par.

I bet you're wondering if we're ever going to get to that smoothie recipe right? Stay with me. In this month's issue of O Magazine (Andi, don't even try to pretend you didn't read it - we all know the truth!) there was a yummy recipe. I've been making them in the morning and taking it to work in my Tim Horton's thermos. I don't think it would be rash to say that it's been the highlight of my day (so either this smoothie's pretty dang good or my days are pretty sad! Bit of both actually.) Without further adieu . . .

The Best Life Smoothie
Mix in a blender a small banana, 1 cup of frozen berries or other fruit (mango is the bomb - I'm told by a reliable Canuckian source that you can get a massive bag of frozen berries at Costco for only seven bucks), a 1/2 cup of nonfat milk, a 1/2 cup of low fat yogurt, a spoonful of honey and no more than 2 tablespoons of wheat germ or ground flax seed.


Anonymous said...

1. The photo of that fruit woman is more than a bit annoying.
2. Bananas. Say no more.
3. Why are you encouraging people to shop at Costco?
4. Miss you. Nin too, I'm sure, as she could use your help digging out of 2504.

katevp said...

i love and miss cam's rants.

i was telling someone the other day who also hates street clothes in bed sheet how i used to make a point of rolling on cam's bed when i came over, when he wasn't there.

especially when you guys lived in that mansion on Albert Ave. (i think it was Albert).

miss you b's.

love kate

katevp said...

oh wait, maybe cam didn't know that i rolled on his bed in my street clothes... oops

Nancy Jean said...

1. agreed, that photo is intrusively annoying.
2. cam, LOL. you funny. AND, i never let VP in your bed!
3. those brotesy booster j's look delicio; unfortunatement, it is minus 45 here today (i am not exaggerating one bit - shiela just told me) and much too cold to drink anything with ice.
4. do miss you, and haven't dug out of 2504 yet...the bonny is in the garage and i've decided not to go anywhere unless i can the spirit of Bruce.

Julie said...

hi my dear siblings and my dear kate :)
cam, it's true. you do have lots of funny aversions, bananas and street clothes being but two!
wow - you guys really didn't like the pic of the fruity woman! such violent reactions!
hope that you're faring okay in the wake of the blizzard. i feel very badly for all of you!
love ya
j xox