Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Accidental Tourist

I enjoyed a lovely day out in Bangor this afternoon with my mom and dad. We took the train down the coast just a little ways from Belfast and had fun drinking coffee, taking pics, wandering around and doing a bit of shopping. I would not usually think of Bangor as an exotic location to visit (I had a couple unpleasant months working at a deli there and for a while was only able to associate it with my less than impressive stint waiting tables!) but we had a lot of fun today and my parents really enjoyed seeing the sights. It is cool to have them here visiting for many reasons - chiefly I love getting to spend so much time together but as a fringe benefit I think it will motivate me to see a bit more of Ireland. One can tend to get kind of blase/stuck in a routine when you've lived in a place for a while (even if it's not your life-long home!) and I'd really like to get out and see more. Tourist at home hey? Let the games begin!


Nancy Jean said...

You three are the funksters in your cool glasses. Those are great pics! needless to say, you're on my desktop at work...thanks for the phone call today - can't wait for the mail next week! :)
enjoy your time! - nin

Anonymous said...

Pauline's t and c and tyla took her to Red Deer on the 21st to Montana's restaurant--P wore a moosehead and the rest wore deer heads with antlers as they sang happy birthday to her! Looks and sounds like you're all having a good time. Your dog is cute, Ninny. AH Blessings.

Julie said...

hi ninners
those boots that are made for walking :) are in the mail!! coming soon to a toon town post office near you!
hope they fit -
miss you - hugs to shawndee cleopatra paperdoll!!
auntie julie - hehe

Julie said...

hi auntie a :)
thanks for your comment - so nice to know that you're reading! hope that you are doing well - sounds like auntie p had a fun b-day - hope so!
hope the weather's not too cold for you folks.
lots of love to you, uncle k and katy -
julie and stu (and c and a!)