Friday, December 1, 2006


How delightful that it's officially December and we can now all, in good conscience, deck the halls. Finally we can join those folks in our neighbourhood (I will refrain from making any classist comments here) who thought it appropriate to put up the tree, dancing lights and inflatable santa's just after Remembrance Day.

Had a very Friday-esque Friday at work today (love that) and enjoyed a long lunch wandering around the Christmas Market outside city hall (see pic) with some colleagues. After some mulled wine and fresh air the whole going back to work thing really was a bit of a shame. Tonight we are going to the movies to watch 'Starter for Ten' which looks like a pretty promising British rom com. Just looked online and apparently it'll be released in North America this spring (how happy am I to actually get a movie here first!? Usually there's a six month delay which is not entirely bad because it gives my movie buff dad a chance to watch them all and give us his 'must sees.') I shall let you know if you should pencil this one in for '07.

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The Loeppkys said...


I must say I see nothing wrong at all with starting the Christmas season right after Remembrance Day. I myself do this because the Christmas season is so nice and joyful. My husband totally disagrees with putting up decorations so early but if you spend all the money on them and go to all the work of putting them up, they may as well be up for enough time to make it worthwhile! Ah I love Christmas!