Thursday, December 7, 2006

Radio Canada

Wanted to flag up a hot new opportunity for all you talented Saskatchewanians out there (and possibly others!) CBC Saskatchewan is holding open auditions for a host of a new show!

While we're talking public broadcasting, I might as well go the whole hog and highlight CBC connoisseurs Anne and Ninny's top picks from our national broadcaster. You see, my mom is a serious fan of Rick Mercer - she loves his witty reports and has recommended several times that I check out the one where he convinces Bob Rae to skinny dip (oh Anne!) Alternatively, njb favours George Stroumboulopoulus and with a name like that who can argue?

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katevp said...

In 1st year Beth and I loved George so much and would always talk about him, that I am convinced that had I seen him that year I would have been like "hey George" like we were old friends. Imagine learning how to spell that last name? I bet his teachers let him go by George S. because it would be so muh more difficult to learn to spell.