Sunday, December 24, 2006


It's been yet another lovely day of holidays - Stu and I have settled into a super chilled routine - staying up late and sleeping in, cooking yummy meals, baking for Christmas, watching dvds and reading has been peppered with lots of walking (errands and just for fun), biking and time at the gym/spa (just in case you were worried that we've turned into complete couch potatoes!) It's good to have a holiday at home every now and again although I've spent so much time in my pjs and slippers that I'm starting to wonder how I will ever manage to go back to work? I think I'll worry about that next week.

Anyway, today I spent a chilled out afternoon doing food preparation for Christmas. Since Stu's mom and sister are doing the turkey and trimmings I indulged myself in making a vanilla cheesecake drizzled with cranberry syrup and fresh cranberry sauce for Christmas Day (I like the bright red berries - so pretty) and also potato, beetroot and wild rice salads to be enjoyed on Christmas Eve. Oh, and I baked some more ginger loaf just because it smells so good. Since I was all tired out from all the culinary Christmassing, Stu took over for dinner and made this Greek Shrimp with Feta recipe from Beyond Salmon which was excellent.

All this food talk brings me to the main topic of my post - pickled things. Yes, you heard me. And just to clarify, this is not an ode to festive cocktails (although I wouldn't be opposed to that) but more of an exhortation to get your hands on some lovely relishes and other pickled accoutrements in preparation for the leftover turkey and ham that's always hanging around after the big day. My thought train has been inspired by Nigella (yes, I'm talking about her again) who featured a very enthusiastic monologue along the same lines on this year's Christmas series. While it's frustratingly tough to get a really good dill pickle around here (they're all sweet and called gherkins - not the same) I have lately discovered the enjoyment of pickled beetroot and pickled onions alongside sandwiches. Viva leftovers!


Anonymous said...

Hello, in jail still. Enjoy your writing. I will be in jail on Christmas day. Out boxing day. Love Bruce.

Julie said...

Hi Jailbird
Sorry you're still in the big house! :) Miss you all today especially!!
Hope to get to talk to you soon -
Love - julie xox

Sara said...

Well it's 11.30pm Christmas Eve and I have just finished the initial preparation on the Gingerbread Stuffing and the Bread Sauce from Feast...I have never tried either of those before, so fingers crossed! And hopefully I will see you both before you even get to read this - Happy Christmas!

Julie said...

Ms Sara
Get to bed!! You are a star - hope that the Feast treats turn out lovely (no doubt they will!)
Merry Christmas!
See you soon :)