Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ninny's Gibraltar Monkey

Y'all ready for this? Quite possibly the funniest thing you'll see all year!


Stu said...

Love it!!!!

Nancy Jean said...

Let the monkey go on your shoulders; it is soo cool, they all said...see what happens my friends, when you give into peer pressure? haha - at least it gives us all a good LOL or ROTFLOL (figure that one out - hint, reference weird AL)

jules, you did have a pic of your new cut posted for a while yesterday...making a fool out of does look hot on you, btw.

i think i found the garry and scott blogs through links from poach's blog...a little test - use your keen researching skills.

it is the 21st and i am at work - this is simply unchristian. us canucks should have the same holidays at you brits - we share the same queen, afterall. stuart, do you have her email - perhaps you could send in a request?

love to the brotennobles.

The Loeppkys said...

That is a great video! Where is it filmed?

nico said...

so great - thanks for adding that. i came back a second time to enjoy another ROTFLOL :)

dunny said...

Okay, ninny goat, I do have to say, I am a bit disappointed that you gave the rights to jbn...i have been requesting this video for months now, and it was going to be the key to my fortune. but alas, it's been scooped by APYOC. oh well, the good news is that it was great to have a laugh again, at your expense. ;-)

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this vid julie - I've watched it 10 times. Ninny is cool I'd love to monkey around with her...


morris dancer

Nancy Jean said...

who's the morris dancer? does he know i am single.

dunny - i was inspired at a christmas party where we watched some YouTUbe to upload that beauty..i did it for you! i had been trying to figure out how to pass a vid online to you.

CL - that video was taken on the Rock of Gibraltar. it is on the southern (south-west) tip of Spain. the Brits still have rights to this little piece of land, which is basically a massive rock that protrudes into the you stand high on this rock (which, incidently has these freaky tailess monkies) there is a spectacular view where you see morroco a few km across, the atlantic flows to the right of you (or west) and the meditteranian to the left (or east). it is also a crazy place because you are in the heart of Spain, and you suddenly cross a small border and you are in an English speaking city...anyway, i went on a 'field trip' of sorts with the high school i was interning at, and the other cdns on our exchange came along...i wanted nothing to do with these monkies, but i was convinced, and see what is my friend Shane who came from SFU in the background filming that masterpiece...does anyone have the number to America's Funniest Home Videos?

happy friday all.