Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Stu and I have just been out for a nice long evening walk around East Belfast. The pic is of our beloved Belmont Road - just about twenty seconds from our house. We love having lots of shops (grocery, fruit and veg, butcher, dry cleaner, tailor, post office, two funky restaurants including a gourmet burger joint, cinema, video store and coffee shop/vendor of yummy Maud's ice cream) right on our doorstep. Good thing it's all so convenient since our car has officially bit the dust (yes, I am still talking about this!) and today the mechanic was finally able to look at it only to inform us there's some major work to do (boo . . . ) and he'll get to it in 2007!

Anyway, back to the walk. The weather's been very mild here so it was pleasant to be out in the fog looking at Christmas lights and all the lovely sparkly trees in people's windows. I've inherited this trait from my mom who loves to walk around neighbourhoods in the evenings noticing houses for sale, houses sold, people's yards, colours of living room walls and generally everything else there is to be noticed (but not at all in a creepy way, I should add.) I'm so happy that soon my parents will be here in the flesh to join me on these walks! They arrive on January 17th and I sortof can't believe that the date is finally so near although of course with it being Christmas right now I wish it was sooner (for anyone who doesn't know, they're renting their own flat and staying until July!!) Feels like we've been talking about and planning their trip for so long - I'm sure it's slightly weird/crazy-busy for both of them to be finishing work this week and not going back until September!

Well, I was surfing random blogs (permissible since I am on holiday) and stumbled upon something called a meme on Gary's Blog (I don't know Gary from Adam or Eve, by the way.) I did some more surfing to find out that a meme is cultural information by word of mouth and are often in the form of inside jokes. My investigation also revealed that a meme in the blogging world can be a question or list of questions that a blogger will answer and then tag other passed on the internet bloggers with the meme and they then answer as well. While I won't tag anyone, I thought baring my soul to you all in this way seemed kindof fun so here we go . . .

A - Appetite? Everything in moderation.
B - Best apples? Pink ladies, mostly because of the name.
C - Cooking? Love it (except maybe some evenings after a too long day at work and then a Marks and Spencer Indian meal does nicely.)
D - Drink of choice? I'm a fan of the sparkling water but depending on the context and the meal I like red wine, Corona beer with a lime and on a rare occasion real coke (gasp!) which is required for pizza or burgers.
E - Essential Item? Flat shoes. I love ballet pumps and flat boots - sooo happy they're in style right now!
F - Foreign Language? Medium good at French - taking a night class on Tuesday nights right now - bettering myself and all that . . .
G - Great at anything? Grammar and proof-reading - How boring am I? Oh, my banana bread's pretty great too.
H - Height? 5 foot 5 inches and no, I'm not telling my weight!
I - Indulgence? Ben and Jerry's although lately I've discovered their chocolate fudge brownie frozen yogurt which is surprisingly okay for you.
J - Jealous or envious? Never in relationships but sometimes of haircuts, clothes and accessories (so vain!) Confession: I actually stopped a woman in the Birmingham airport the other day to ask her the brand of her handbag. It was Orla Keily. I want one.
K - Kinks? What - in my neck? Not lately.
L - Love? Stu of course :)
M - Married? Three and a half years - time flies when you're having fun!
N - Neglect? Lately my running schedule :( I've given myself a bit too much time off after two marathons in 2006 (there I go with the pat on the back again . . . )
O - Old? Stuart described me recently as 'almost 30.' Absolutely untrue. I'm a sprightly 26. He was just trying to make himself feel better because he turned 30 in October!
P - Politics? I used to love the Canadian variety - still am very interested but feel slightly unplugged living here. The Northern Irish version is frustrating, but oh the drama!
Q - Quit? Once I quit coffee for several months. It was a good decision because I was very hyper.
R - Rich? No real desire to be rich, but I have been persuaded to chip in on the Euro millions lottery pool at work recently so maybe I have a slight desire. I would buy a house here and in SK (and maybe one in Canmore too for Stu - he really likes it there) which would satisfy my split personality.
S - Seasonings? Cumin. I like all spices but cumin's in lots of yummy things.
T - Television? In all honesty probably a bit too much. Favs include West Wing, Scrubs, 24 and CSI Las Vegas. I love Grey's Anatomy but Stu hates it and recently I've been getting back into ER.
U - Unknown fact about me? Very little is unknown and if anything has managed to remain unknown until now it should probably stay that way. Unfortunately I'm not very mysterious.
V - Vegetables I hate? Never met a vegetable I didn't like although I've always found lima/broad beans a little chalky.
W - Weeds I like? Funny question. Dandylions. Remember 'Mama had a baby and her head popped off . . .'? That's a sick song.
X - X-rays? Once on my collarbone after I broke it tubing and Diefenbaker hill when I was 12 on a junior high youth night. I've always maintained that youth groups are a risky business.
Y - Yogurt? Lots and of every variety - natural yogurt is a healthy swap for sour cream.
Z - Zodiac? I'm an Aries I think but I've never been too interested.


Santosh said...

Asha made the gingerbread loaf from your earlier post - them boys is tasty!!!

Nancy Jean said...

nice hair.
the picture didn't show up on the email, but good thing we've got the blog!
i wish i was on vacation avec toi...
have a good night.

Nancy Jean said...

p.s. who is gary? and whatever happened to your new friend? hey, did you know garry d. and scott mc have blogs?

Gary said...

I noticed from my statcounter that you came by so I returned the visit. You have a great blog, and you did a teriffic job with the meme.

dunny said...

looks like Gary is even more of a blogger than you, JBN, with his sleuthing back to your blog to see who had been snooping his. Sounds like a crime fiction tale for the Stu man group.

Did I miss seeing the new do? Because your photo seems to be of the pre-reverse mullet. Please send email photo evidence. I am just recovering from my recent almost mullet myself.

Julie said...

dunny is right - my new do is not on the blog - you should brush up on your powers of observation!! all the double shifts taking effect!
send me the addresses of the drake and scott mc. definitely! i'm shocked and appalled that you haven't already done so!
don't work too hard -
love ya, j
p.s. as you can see i've posted your finest moment. i could watch that again and again . . . hehehe

Julie said...

You are a supersleuth for tracking me down! Thanks for visiting :)

Julie said...

You are more observant than the njb - I will post a pic of my new do just for you - send me a pic of your reverse mullet! Sounds traumatic but fun :)
Miss you!

dunny said...

jbn, glad to see the new do! It looks fantastic. No reverse mullet whatsoever, unless you used that camera angle to hide its mullet-like characteristics.
Now, please don't think less of me, or disown me as a friend, but I did find a sort of solution to my mullet-leaning do...somehow, after having the long hair, put it up in two pigtails, dunny special for so long I forgot one central requirement for a more mid-length look...use a hair dryer. No joke. Once the ol' hot air gun got into the picture, voila, (sorry, my French is a bit lacking) no more mullet! I think I may write in to Vogue and offer the suggestion...

Julie said...

This hairdryer that you speak of sounds like a really innovative invention. You always have been on the cutting edge of technology.
Oh dunny.