Friday, December 15, 2006

Hello Starling

Last night Stu and I saw Josh Ritter in concert at The Empire, Belfast. It was amazing. As it was the last gig of a year long tour, you'd think that musicians would be tired and no longer excited about playing live. But the band seemed so happy to be performing for a very enthusiastic Belfast crowd. Three things about Josh Ritter: 1) He's very tall, 2) Rumour has it he once flirted with Ms Ninnygoat Broten and 3) He smiles when he sings, which is lovely. My favourite song is 'Me and Jiggs.' I recommend.


katevp said...

Oh how I love Josh Ritter, He opened for Sarah Harmer here in Ottawa at the NAC a couple of years ago. So lovely.

I also enjoy me and jiggs.

hopefully this post will post

katevp said...


Julie said...

Hi Kate
WELCOME BACK! Very glad you've resolved the commenting issues! I've missed you! Yes, Josh Ritter is very good - being from Idaho his songs have a prairie quality to them and that's cool. I wish Sarah Harmer would come here because I like her too.
Hugs to you and Thom :)

Anonymous said...

yes welcome back indeed! how about a homecoming bit of pickled apple pie?