Monday, December 11, 2006

haut couture tea cosy

I'm conscious that this is the second consecutive post featuring a pic of yours truly. Well I say whateva, because not even the fear of appearing self-obsessed is not going to stop me tonight. I'm just so excited about my latest fait accompli, the Cabled (or should I say fabled?) Newsboy Cap from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation (and if you think I'm joking about being so excited, think again.)

I first wanted to make this cap three winters ago back when I was a knitting newbie. Sadly when I went to my LYS (that's local yarn store for all you non-knitting-blog frequenters!) for some direction I was advised that it was maybe a bit beyond my ability. Since this wisdom was from the very talented Di Gilpin I took it on board and I went back to my scarves for a while. On a side note, I miss St A's for many reasons, not least among which is this yarn shop - I didn't realise how fortunate I was to have access to such an amazing quality and selection. It's been a bit difficult adjusting to the disappointing stacks of granny wool (read acrylic - ewww) available here in Belfast. Anyway, as expected Di's advice was sound because the cabling is a bit tricky but in the end it was an enjoyable project that only took a couple of nights.


carrie said...

love the hat! and don't feel bad about too many pictures -- you have finished objects to proudly show off.

katevp said...

sweet hat jules!

I am all done my exams, and i celebrated with a bit o' Norwalk virus this past 24 hours. Not pretty let me tell you.

(norwalk or food poisoning-not sure which)

love k

Nancy Jean said...

jules, you are right - i'm sending in my order! soo nice..really impressive!

okay, what's going on here...did you woo us all into daily frequenting your blogspot, and then wammo, you have turned this into a knitting blog, as once 'dreamed' (you brits and your self-deprecation indeed. you and nick hornby; sadly depressing yet highly irresistable)

just kidding of course. thanks for the new lingo - i never know what circles i might find myself in. i'm going to cozy up to a random stitcher at the Broadway Roastery and drop the LYS - we'll see if he or she is as cool as you!
(easy on the 'stich and b***ch usage - you do know that mama broten, or possibly mrs. ninan reads this blog!)

tell me some nice wool i can send you for my very own tea cosy! :)

great to chat with you aujourd'hui.

love nin

kate, sorry to hear you were sick - maybe try some holy toast to cure that tummy ;)

Tirunesh said...


You have inspired me. And now I'm in way over my head (or rather the airline's max weight). You see, here in Africa, it is hard to buy African booboos already made, or rather it is not cost effective. So most women buy material and bring it to their tailors to get their clothes custom made. Well, today I walked into the market all ready to buy some skirt wraps and such, when the vendors laughed at me and said that I had to buy the material, but they only sell it in the size of three skirts. So I said fine! If Julianne can knit hiphop style caps, I can definitely cut a slab of material in three and sow a seam. So I bought three huge (and very heavy) pieces of material. And I going to make matching african wraps for all my girls for Christmas! ...oh man...what have I gotten myself into?!

Julie said...

Thanks for your comment Carrie - very exciting to have a comment from someone from the knitting/blogging world!
Julie :)

Julie said...

Poor Kate
Say no more, say no more! Sounds not nice at all. Are you over it now? I prescribe weak tea, buttered toast, glat gingerale and lots of rom com dvds on the couch. Here's hoping that you feel better soon -
Hugs to you,

Julie said...

Cheeky Ninny
I am not a Brit and I continue to work ever so hard to make my voice go down at the end of sentences but I fear I've not been very successful! Promise not to laugh at me.

One tea cosy coming right up! How about green? I have some lovely mossy wool that I got in Tumbler Ridge (of all places!) Let me know how you get on with befriending knitters at the Roastery (sigh, I like it there . . . ) Mock if you must, but you have a very good chance that they'll be cool. That's all I'm saying.

And yes, this blog, knitting and all, is a dream come true. hehehe

Have a happy December day in Saskatoon! Miss you!

Julie said...

Crafters of the world unite! You can do it - I've always admired your pluckiness you singe you! (Plucky is a funny word.) I bet the material's beautiful. Good luck to you!
When are you Canada bound?