Wednesday, December 27, 2006

God Rest Ye Merry Poodles

Well, it's been a lovely Christmas. I know you've been on the edge of your seats to read all about it ;) but my brief blogging hiatus is explained by the fact that we've been staying with Stu's parents since Christmas Eve. While they do have a computer, it might be considered anti-social were I to spend my days blogging instead of engaging in festive family frivolity which has included food, games, walks, movies and more food. All that to say that we've had a really good time - I won't go into too much detail (such as who gave what to whom but cannot help but mention the Dave Matthews tix from gift-giver extraordinaire njb) but will say that we've enjoyed opening pressies on Christmas Eve, having a very good Christmas Day (gorgeous turkey and lots of games including some old school rounds of Uno - I love games) and a Boxing Day competition over who could stay in their housecoat the longest (Stu who's usually Mr Up and Attem won!)

I have lots of pics to post (foody, gifty etc.) but stay tuned as I will wait till tomorrow when I get back to the Mac which is considerably speedier. The one pic I share with you tonight is of the beloved Oskie maxin' and relaxin' at my family's pre-Christmas-Eve-Christmas-Eve. Two things with regard to the pic - Brotes, I'm taking it as a compliment that you chose to adorn your cherished poodle with the brand new posh tie that I sent you for Christmas! And as for your query kvpa, the family had an early Christmas Eve because Bruce has been working long hours in the slamma to cover a very inconvenient Christmas strike (but then I suppose a convenient strike just wouldn't do the trick at all would it?)

Have yourself a Merry Little December 27th.

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