Friday, December 8, 2006

Friday Night Film Club

In connection with his work Stuart attended a conference about human rights today (like so many of you he has a much more interesting job than me - sigh, a recurring theme . . . ) Anyway, he got to take in a seminar about blogging presented by the man behind Slugger O'Toole, the premier blog focusing on Northern Ireland politics. It receives over 50,000 hits a month (talk about blogebrity!) so if anyone is daft enough to wish to try to understand Northern Ireland politics I suggest you give it a look see. Well, apparently good old Slugger himself emphasised the importance of conversation within the blogging ethos, which made me feel just that much happier to have so many comments (yes apple dumpling, even from you!)

Tonight we visited the cinema across the street from us (love that) to see 'The Holiday' which was okay/basically mediocre. (Not an overwhelming recommendation considering the critic is a girl who loves a good Christmas romance movie!) On the saccharine scale the reviewer in today's Guardian compared it with having a melted Mars bar being poured down your throat (good or bad? You decide.)

While of course I did get drawn into the whole snowy Christmas/falling in love motif, I felt mildly annoyed throughout by Cameron Diaz who seems to have a knack for playing really unsympathetic characters (remember guiltily rooting for the other woman in 'My Best Friend's Wedding'?) Kate Winslet and Jude Law are likable (still, I just struggle to forgive Jude for the whole divorcing the mother of his four children/getting a new girlfriend/cheating on the girlfriend with the kid's nanny thing) However, the infinitely quirky and puzzlingly attractive Jack Black is the main redeeming factor. That, and the saccharine of course.

In other news (well, not news exactly) I just downloaded Sarah McLachlan's version of 'Song for a Winter's Night.' Originally by Gordon Lightfoot I think. It's beautiful and snowy.


cpb said...

Careful what you say about work on your blog. You never know who is watching, or reading --- especially in the U.K. after Blair's comments about immigrants needing to integrate into society. Went to the Elim Christmas special tonight. I had to beg Ruth to go with me. Loved it. Maybe Stu will go with me next year?

tirunesh said...

I cannot wait to get myself home from this hot, mosquito-infested place, snuggle up on my parents couch and watch all the classic Christmas movies with my little (well rather obese, actually) Quaid Douglas curled up on top of me.

I am in Mali (for work) although many of my co-residents are actually here on vacation enjoying this glorious weather, and all I can do is Google the wintertime movies and wish I could climb into my snowsuit and make snow angels.

The grass is always greener (snow is always icier, rather), I suppose.

Tropical breezes to you all!


Julie said...

There really is no place like home hey? I have to say, tropical breezes do sound lovely but nonetheless if it's icicles you fancy then I wish you a speedy return to O-town! When are you heading home? (By the way, I am very curious about what exciting project you are working on in Mali - I will email you seperately to get the skinny!)
Hugs to you

Julie said...

Thanks for the tip. I shall endeavour to behave myself - don't want to engender acrimony among the locals! Never had you pegged for a Christmas special kindof guy, but whatever the case Stu (and I!) would be thrilled to accompany you next year :) I can't wait (wish it was this year!)
Miss you lots
J xox

Nancy Jean said...

maybe cpb and stu could preform a duet next year?
jkb, you are a lovable sucker.