Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Christmas Do (or Don't!)

Woo hoo!! (Say that out loud, if you please.) We've made it to the weekend and Stuart and I are officially off work until January 3rd! I know it might sound a little indulgent to be off for so long, but happily a major benefit of working in the UK are the bountiful holidays! We don't have too much planned for this pre-Christmas week and that suits me - I'm thinking lots of going for coffee, time to go to the gym, some festive baking and cooking and a sprinkling of errands like house cleaning and getting the water pump changed on our car (yes, the saga of the Mazda continues!) Oh, and blogging, of course!

Had a good time at my work 'Christmas Do' yesterday (translation Christmas party.) I enjoyed much more than last year when I had only just started the job because now I know everyone very well. The food was no big thrill (think dark and smokey bar serving Christmas dinner en masse - 'nuff said) but it's fun to have a chance to have a good old gossip and get out on the dance floor with work friends outside of work where we periodically gossip but seldom dance. I had a very good time but left at a respectable hour before things had a chance to degenerate too badly. Afterall, we do all still have to work together!


The Loeppkys said...

That is fantastic that you have time to sit back and enjoy the holiday season. Is that pretty much all UK folks that have an extended holiday or did you and Stu decide to extend it?

katevp said...

oh jules, did you make that card?

It is a hilarity.

Christmas carols... funnee.


cpb said...

My earlier email still applies.

Julie said...

Most officey type places are closed between Christmas and New Year and then Stu and I greedily took this week of annual leave to make it really long!
Are you working over the holidays? When are your family coming? :)

Julie said...

I wish I made that card but actually I just ripped it off the internet - It's by Anne Taintor. She's very clever. Go to her website - you will like her stuff.
Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Julie said...

idle threats will get you no where!

The Loeppkys said...

Julie: to answer your questions - I actually am not working at all in December (I am very spoiled and also there are no shifts to pick up as everyone wants to earn money for Christmas!) My family is coming on the 23rd & 24th and staying till the 26th, 27th. Should be fun but a very full house!