Wednesday, December 6, 2006

'Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind.'

The beautiful Nigella's special Christmas series started tonight and for once I felt truly glad for BBC2. (Sara - get your mom to tape it to watch when you're home - it's lovely.) Scribbled her instructions in my notebook so I could bring all you cold Canadians her mulled cider recipe (evidently I've got a thing for the mulled Christmas bevies!) . . .

Mulled Cider
cider (as in alcohol rather than apple!)
cinnamon sticks
clementines cut in halves and each half stuck with a clove
bay leaves (she calls for fresh but I'm sure dried would be fine)
muscavado sugar
a mug of apple and ginger tea

Put all the ingredients in a big pot and heat but don't boil. Serve and enjoy.


cpb said...

If you're online, as I'm sure you are, call me at work for a brief hello.

Sara said...

Ooh - painful subject. The parentals bought a DVD recorder specifically to tape this for me, and then couldn't figure out how to use sad. But thanks for the recap!

Julie said...

Sorry I missed you Brotes! I must have signed off by that time. Will try to give you a ring tonight (your day) at work :)

Julie said...

That is very sad - I would tape it for you but our VCR doesn't record! Maybe they will show it again over the Christmas holidays?

Nancy Jean said...

get back to work you two! especially you cpb - especially now that you are our doctor in the family.