Monday, December 4, 2006


'I've got a soft spot for Klinger. He looks a lot like my son and dresses a lot like my wife.'
Col. Potter

In order for a household to run smoothly, some division of labour is required. For instance, in our house it is my responsibility to maintain the DVD rental list. If you're thinking no big deal, think again. I have been tasked with the hefty responsibility of ensuring that a timely and appropriate stream of little orange envelopes come through our door - it's a delicate balance to get just the right blend of movies, documentaries and series (all-time favs include Scrubs, CSI and 24.) As if that weren't enough, I also have to make sure that our six disk allocation lasts all the way till the end of the month!! It's no small feat, I tell ya. (Perhaps only now you're getting a feeling for just truly how much I don't like British TV!)

And this week, what with the excitement surrounding apple pie recipes, anonymous blog comments and mulled wine, the new Amazon disks were dispatched without me giving the sacred list the slightest thought . . . Shocking! Fear not - we came out trumps because something that I had added to the list on a whim a long time ago found its way randomly to the top, and it is satisfyingly funny.

I have lots of fond childhood memories of MASH. It used to be on at ten each night and I remember stubbornly sneaking from my room and trying to watch it from behind the couch while my parents laughed at the antics of Hawkey and Houlihan. I think there was a lot of innuendo in the humour that I didn't get at all, but I liked it anyway. Well, we watched the digitally remastered pilot and first episode on DVD tonight it was classic from the start. The Amazon gods must have been smiling on me . . .

In other news, a fleet of Smart cars descended on our neighbourhood today and Stu thoughtfully took a snap thinking I might like to put them on my blog. How right he was. I dig 'em.


cpb said...

Dear Maj. Brown:
Fitting salutation given your recent posting. Hey, just sent you an email. Please read. Thought I'd notify you via your blog, as it appears you check it quite regularly.

Julie said...

I replied to your email. And yes, I do check my blog a lot. So sue me :)
Maj B

katevp said...


I love that stitch and bitch book!

My lovely old roomie Mary-Ann had it and i loved to peruse it and dream of the day i could make myself a toque with ears or a naughty little knit bikini.

maybe i can get my own copy now, or at least ask for it for christmas.

I also am sad to discover that there will be no tree at the B's this year.

oh and nin, since i know you will probably read this, i sent your jacket today! (dec 4)

so be cold no longer.

love to all you B's


Nancy Jean said...

ahh memories- mash, the national on CBC and (sad but true) karl and genevieve ens blaring through the intercom on Sunday morning to wake us for the CMA... those were the days of our lives.
to go with the theme, just got home from the army ce soir - you can call me private broten, btw.
why aren't any of you emailing me? actually, i do need to reply to an email, don't i?
van panderson - make us matching knit bikinis (i have seen that pattern; how ridiculous!) we'll wear them with our birks.
cheers on sending the NF.
love to you too...