Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I should begin this post with a disclaimer - anyone living in the prairie provinces who is currently being treated to wicked weather might want to stop reading now. You've been warned. The thing is, when I read Nancy's comment this morning about getting tonnes of snow and then saw in the news that super cold and snowy weather was blanketing the prairies, I felt homesick! Please don't be angry, but when my widget (gotta love the new Mac) said you'll be going down to minus 21 tonight, I wished I was there.

No, I'm not crazy - herein you will find evidence that there really is no place like home! It's just that we don't get weather like that here. Stu and I were at the Continental Christmas Fair in town yesterday where I mused, 'It's not really cold enough for mulled wine is it?' I know it's just my 'wish we were home for Christmas' self talking. And I know that my family will scornfully remind me that I haven't endured a real Saskatoon winter since 1998 but anyway, the feeling's there. Sigh, it's been so long that I've even lost my street cred in scoffing when people here shudder over temps reaching zero and the green fields getting a dusting of icing sugar snow (I do it anyway.) Homesickness will make a person say the strangest things . . .


Sara said...

Is that a photo of Saskatoon?! I thought for a minute that it was Manhattan - it really looks like the Upper East Side and Central Park :)

cpb said...

Snowed-in at the office. May have to spend the night.

The Loeppkys said...

it is even colder in Calgary than S'toon!

Sadly I won't be home for Christmas this year either and I am a little sad about it. Saskatoon is a much prettier place than Calgary - summer or winter. However I do not miss those ruts that develop on the roads so that you can't even steer out of them!

Julie said...

good luck to you - you're a hearty soul. i like it that you check my blog - stu think's i'm getting obsessed with this thing. he may be right.
stay warm!
julie :)

The Loeppkys said...

Also, can you send me your current mailing address via email? Thanks!

Julie said...

What do you know Ms Carson -
You learn something new every day on this blog - Saskatoon is a very lovely place and should be forgiven for being so dang cold. How's New York this time of year? When are you coming back for Christmas?
Thanks for checking my posts!

Julie said...

Done :)

Nancy Jean said...

Saskatoon is basically on par with New York.
I think Armageddon is upon us. The snow just won't stop.
snowed-in on 14th Street - njb

Nancy Jean said...

jules, you should put a link to the mcwicz on your blog..

katevp said...


This will be my first Christmas away from the VP clan.

and there is not a lick of snow in ottawa. I did, however, hear rumours of the wicked weather heading east. so we're praying for some snow snow snow.

some mean girl in my class said she heard there was no snow til February in Ottawa this year. I am disbelieving her.

I decided that your blog is the most popular of all, you get the most comments! maybe becasue you reply to the comments posted. I like that.
Also, you have recipes, that will bring anyone back!

I can't wait to be done my final so i can try some out.

love to you both!

kate a

Julie said...

Dear Kate A
Lovely to hear from you! I like getting all the comments as this is quickly becoming my main means of communication with the fam and friends - whatever works hey? :) If only Annabelle would work up the nerve to post a comment! (She's shy.) Good luck for you final - I wish you a snowy December! Stu says hi - he loves the kvpa