Wednesday, November 15, 2006

You don't have to be mad

Well, here it is - the inaugural post of my new blog. I'm feeling kindof excited because I've frequented blogs for a couple of years now (mostly knitting and cooking) and have often wanted to get in on the act.

It's been a very dark, awful, rainy (did I mention dark?) day in Belfast and I needed something to cheer me up so hence the shiny new blog - I arrived home after getting soaking wet on my bike although the ride was not all bad and in some sick way I kindof enjoyed it. As I battled the driving wind and rain a guy biked past me in florescent waterproof gear similar to mine and said 'You don't have to be mad, but it helps!' Buoyed by the camaraderie of a fellow cyclist, I felt officially hardcore.

Have been mulling over blog names for a while now. I decided on this as a tribute to my Grandpa Hans Adolf - the title phrase was the first thing he said to my mom the first time they met as my parents had been out for a date/paddle on Waskana Lake in Regina. It was good of him (if a bit random) to be concerned about his future daughter-in-law's independence.

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