Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Hoff Tub

Had a surreal experience the other night. While relaxing in the jacuzzi at our gym the other night, Stuart recognised a guy who had been a memorable S-bucks customer. The guy was notable because he'd been in getting a coffee the day before getting laser eye surgery - he'd been somewhat nervous and very chatty about going under the laser. Stuart must've been feeling friendly that night as well because Stu beckoned him over and asked how the surgery went. The guy, who's name turns out to be Magnus, proceded to get into the hot tub with us and tell the tale of how laser surgery has changed his life. He started out, 'It's a really funny story - Since I had the surgery, people started telling me that I look like someone famous . . . Have you ever seen Nightrider? . . . ' Before he had the words out I knew - 'David Hasselhoff!' I blurted out. Loe and behold, Stuart and I were sharing a hot tub with the world's only known Hoff look alike!!! In fact, Magnus delighted in telling us that in fact the very next day he would be whisked to Birmingham to be the guest of honour at the university's Bay Watch Appreciation Society's pub night where he would mingle and pose for photos with young college co-eds in bikinis. Unbeknownst to us, the real Hoff is extremely popular among the 18-24 set, especially in Ireland. And I have to say, while the real David seems to be losing the plot (what with his drunken airport escapades and sleazy 'Jump in My Car' song and all) the Hoff look alike is a lovely guy.

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