Friday, November 24, 2006

Girl's Night In

Friday night at last! :) Stu's out at a work thing all evening and I have a choc-a-bloc schedule of enjoying a chick flick that Stu would rather throw himself off the roof than watch (I've read the reviews, I know it's not great but I'm watching it anyways and hopefully it's a tear jerker.) Other evening activities include getting 'stuck in' (Northern Irish lingo) to a new knitting project, blogging (my latest obsession) and drinking hot chocolate. Bliss.

After a hectic week at work and being out most evenings (one soiree included a satisfying evening playing badminton with work friends - took me right back to BRCI girls' doubles days with Andi!) I love cosying up on the couch. Now, don't get me wrong, I'd rather Stu were home and, while were talking about girls' nights, I'd very much like to have Nancy or Mom or many other women friends over to join me for the cheesy movie watching. Unfortunately, most of you are in Canada or the States so no luck for me there! (While we're on the subject though, it's been wonderful to get back in touch with many old girlfriends recently through this blog!) Anyway, tonight friends, it's just little ol' me and a whole lot of chilling. Cheers to that.


tirunesh said...

Jules, I just had a vision of all of us "cool" grad school girls cozied up on Loomie's couch dinking wine and talking about the "uncool" people in the prog. Those were some good ol days!

Speaking of which, K-Dog and Miriam are in Ottawa today! We're having a little reunion! We'll have a toast to you and Cat and Loomie.

Miss and love

Santosh said...

what movie did you watch?

Santosh said...

Me again - thanks for posting on my blog. I've actually been reading - I think I linked from Kate's blog.

It's wierd how blogginf can create this fluid virtual community out here in cyber-space.

I have fond memories of Irealnd - Felicia and I stayed in a country estate in County Down - it was beautiful.

Have a good friend from BC who is pastoring in Cork right now.

The Loeppkys said...


Thanks for your comment on my blog! Nice to hear from you so far away. I just linked to yours and I plan to check on it all the time! Keep in touch! And what movie was it and was it good?

Julie said...

How exciting to hear from you - yes, everytime I pay my student loan I think of the good times with you girls that year! :) We definitely were cool weren't we? Hugs to K-dawg and Miriam - nice to think of you guys meeting up. Just corresponded recently with Cat as well - great to get back in touch. I will email you directly - want to know what exciting things you're up to!
Miss ya - Julianne :)

Julie said...

Hi Santosh and Carla
Thanks for your comments - my little blog is slowly coming to life, especially now that people are actually looking at it! Blogging is funny but suits me perfectly because I like knowing little random details about people's lives and it's nice to feel connected to people from home.
To answer your questions, I'm ashamed to say I watched 'The Lake House' last night starring an even more robotic than usual Keanu Reeves. You must believe that I usually have much better taste!
Hope you are having a nice weekend -
jbn :)

The Loeppkys said...

julie - i have also watched the lake house and it was not as terrible as i expected actually.

can you send me your current mailing address via email - my new name or the old email address still works too.

so nice to catch up on your life. blogging is definitely fun. it is sometimes hard to think of something worth actually posting though. that is my challenge.