Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Don't get your knickers in a twist

I received this attachment today from Cath Mc and thought it rather clever. Tried to think of something interesting to post about either laundry or global warming, but all I can come up with is that it is rather difficult to dry clothes here since both dryers and backyards are rare. So much for coming up with something interesting.

The car officially died today (sort of.) We were on our way to have dinner with Stu's sister and her family tonight (including our very charming seven month old nephew!) but we didn't make it. Why were you driving, you ask, when the car was acting up only a few days ago? Good question. As the temperature gauge climbed alarmingly high, we unfortunately had to cancel on Judith and park the car at a gas station. We went for pizza while we gave the steaming engine time to cool off. Despite how things were looking when we were stalled in rush hour traffic with our hazard lights on, the evening turned into quite a nice impromptu night out. Now let's just hope that the repair bill doesn't kibosh Christmas!

On a side note, we are watching Studio 60 on DVD. It reminds me of home because it's a downloaded Canadian copy off the internet (shhhh) that's got the CTV symbol on the bottom of the screen. I like it quite a bit but am not totally convinced - I was really excited to see it at first because I love Aaron Sorkin from the West Wing. And well, anything with Josh of course . . .


The Loeppkys said...

Hi Julianne,

I have to agree with Kate in saying you are definately the most popular blogger I know. That may have to do with the up-to-date postings and the fact that even when you aren't trying to be you are so succinct and entertaining!

Sorry to hear about your car but glad you had a nice evening out!

the apple dumpling gang said...

What about a recipe for some good ol' apple pie?

Julie said...

Your wish is my command you mystery commenter you -
I have a fab apple pie recipe that I will post tonight . . .

Stu said...

Great posts Julie, I'm loving your blog!

Oh the drama! Sounds like our car was on fire! You'll be glad to hear that the mazada lives to ride(drive)again.

Keep up the great blogging.

katevp said...


Thomas and I love love love the West Wing!

We as well are trying to get into Studio 60.

and Josh... HELLO!
Plus we love Matthew Perry in more seriously roles, more like the one on the west wing, but this one is sweet. Plus we get Danny from the west wing too.

However we get all the characters names all a muffle. Josh is now danny.. but we still call him Josh
Danny is now Cal.. but we still call him Danny.
Matthew Perry is Matt so that works out alright.

it becomes confusing if you talk to other people who watch the show.

love you!


ps. sorry about the gross pic!

Nancy Jean said...

don't be fooled. the members of the apple pie dumpling gang are surely the notorious dudes.

Julie said...

i might have known - they'll get you every time - those notorious dudes are well and truly skilled in the ways of stealth!

Julie said...

Don't know if you want to get me started on an ode to those clever, fast-talking politicos on the WW!! It's coming around to the time where it might be appropriate to start watching all seven series AGAIN - hmmmmmm . . . Any snow in O-town yet?
julie :)
p.s. you're forgiven for the pic!

katevp said...


the walk and talks are the most genious thing a writer could come up with. have you watched any of the speacial features? we are only on season 5, almost done tho.

rain rain rain again today. like torential rains.
stupid el nino or something

kate vpa