Thursday, November 16, 2006


Well, I was trying to think about what to write about and decided to do a quick post about Stu and I running the 2006 Dublin marathon on October 30th. I know that's quite a while ago now, but I only made this blog yesterday and since I'm still resting on my laurels since doing the marathon (trying to motivate myself to get out running again but haven't been too successful as yet!) I figure the 26.2 miles deserves at least one post. We had a great day in Dublin - there were over 12,000 runners (lots of Canadians! I'll be wearing a maple leaf next time) and the atmosphere of excitement and friendliness all the way around was so encouraging. Now, that didn't make it easy, but it's a great feeling to have people cheering for you (doesn't happen too often in life so when you get a chance to be told you're brillant, why not?) While I of course felt like death at the end, the amazing feeling of accomplishment is thrilling and addictive. I have to say I even felt kindof down a couple days afterward because I didn't have the big event to look forward to anymore. I think we'll do this one again next fall (she says - show me this post when it's time to start the training schedule again!)

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tirunesh said...

Jules!!! Wow! What a fun way to catch up with you. We get so caught up in our own lives that it just gets harder and harder to keep in touch. I remember when my parents used to say that to me about them and their friends, I would scoff and say, "Guys, it's so easy to keep in touch. Just call them." But now I know what they meant. Anyway, that said, I absolutely LOVE that you have a blog. I will read it all the time!

CONGRATS on the marathon! What a great thing to do together! I ran the Ottawa marathon in the spring and I think I've been running MAYBE 10 times since. I just couldn't get back into it and still haven't yet. I decided to bike more and rock climb a bit and do more aerobics. Remember our Hispanic aerobics lady at UBC?! "Again again!!"

There is so much to be said. I can't believe this is your 4th year in Ireland! How the heck did it go so fast? I have no idea. So click on my link and you can read my blog. This way, though still a little impersonal, we can keep abreast of one another's lives.

Love you so much!